Services Provided

We believe that no concussion is trivial and that all concussions/or minor injuries to the head should be seen by a specialist.

What does the clinic offer ?

The clinic is set up to provide advice and ongoing treatment for all patients that have a minor head injury or concussion.

We believe that every concussion should be taken seriously to minimise avoidable long term sequelae.

The clinic provides for non-athletes as well as for amateur and professional athletes.

We offer:

  • a specialist clinical assessment,
  • screening of cognitive and emotional symptoms
  • balance problem assessment
  • visual disturbance assessment
  • pre-season screening and assessment for amateur and professional athletes
  • education programmes for amateur and professional clubs

The clinic is also designed to offer assessments and judgments on a return to study or work, return to play assessment for professional/amateur sportsmen as well as assessment and discussion on the long term effect of concussions. These assessments may require multiple visits and more detailed clinical, imaging and cognitive screen tests than offered routinely.

What can i expect ?

Each person will be given a detailed examination. Each patient will recieve a copy of their concussion record as well as an individualised prescription for return to normal activity.


We welcome enquiries with regard to fees. We have a structured approach to our fees which are open and transparent. We are recognised by most of the major insurance companies.

On occasion these fees may be higher than those covered by the insurance companies on account of the bespoke nature of services provided. Please note that sometimes management  may require a number of follow-up appointments.

Non-sports related injury

The initial assessment will be a detailed clinical review with review of relevant brain imaging. Education will be offered and an individualised recovery plan will be offered.

Symptoms and progress will be tracked and addressed. Follow-up appointments and more detailed testing may be required. This may need to continue until the symptoms resolve, which is usually within one to six weeks for acute injuries. In the presence of ongoing or more chronic symptoms a more detailed assessment with specialist imaging, screening test for cognitive, or emotional disturbance may be required. Further referral to a headache specialist, balance specialist, vision specialist or neuropsychology team may be required.¬†

Sport related injury

The assessment for amateur or professionals sportsmen or women will also include a detailed clinical and radiological review. There may be a requirement for more detailed testing and early requirement for follow-up with repeat testing to allow for objective decisions about return to play.

The clinic is able to provide an in-depth discussion  and education about the short and long term effects of concussion.

Assessment of the long term risks of concussion will require multiple visits. This decision for long term impact may need to be made over time and would require consideration of the additive effects of multiple concussions.

Education and screening programme for amateur and professional sports clubs

Please contact us with regard to your needs. We can provide education for players, parents and coaches, and also include pre and post tests to provide objective evidence of learning.